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Spring has sprung here in Phoenix and we are loving our backyard space. In the corner of our yard, we have a set of trees that worked perfectly for some colorful banner art. I made these just in time for Maya’s family birthday party this weekend. They are big and juicy and really filled up the space with visual happiness! As a Lowe’s Creative Influencer, I used my Lowe’s gift card to make these.



This is what I started with – a simple drop cloth that was under $12. at Lowe’s. I always have these on hand, they work great for table covering, photo shoots, and my favorite, to cut up and craft with!

Click here to see my Drop Cloth Drapes!

I also picked up some fabric markers, fabric paint, scissors, and paint brushes. You’ll also need a cup of water.

To hang – Skinny tube, ribbon, needle and thread or glue.



Measure and cut your banners from the drop cloth. Mine were about 30″ wide and 90″ long, give or take a few inches. Wash and dry your banners.



Use the black fabric marker to draw your designs. I just freestyled. You can do one large image, or lots of little ones, whatever your style it.



Once all the black is done, it’s time to fill in with color. Here is a secret – I didn’t like my first design, so I flipped the drop cloth over and started a new design. So much for confident freestyling, right? So, I guess it does help if you sketch a design on paper first.



Here is the trick with the color. Squeeze some fabric paint in a paint dish (I use fabric paint because it dries soft) and add water, this is so it will become like watercolor and spread. It is very hard to completely cover this drop cloth with just paint, you really need water to thin the paint to get even coverage. You could even use fabric markers!



See how happy I am painting? I love painting big, open designs!



Here is one of the finished banners. To hang, you’ll need to use a gift wrap tube or pvc pipe. Fold the top of the fabric around it and glue or stitch in place. Then thread a piece of ribbon through and tie at the top to hang. I tie the ribbon to my paint brush and dropped it down the hole of the tube, in case you were wondering!


If you want a more polished look, you can sew up the sides.

banner8.jpg bannerflower.jpg banners.jpg

After I finished these, I realized it would have been fun to add fringe or spray glitter!



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This post was brought to you by the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network!  I’m now a Creative Influencers team member – that means you’ll see original Crafty Chica Lowes-themed projects like this on my blog every month! Visit the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blog to see all the projects from the other bloggers! As a part of the LCI Network, I received Lowe’s gift cards to pay for these projects.

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