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Gold-trimmed Sunnies

Summer is here, that means sunglasses are in high season! There are so many to choose from, and it’s even better when you makeover a pair to fit your style. Recently the folks at ICU Eyewear sent me a couple pairs to wear for summer concert season. Why did they send them? I think they figured out that ICU Eyewear is one of my favorite sources for my reading glasses, I always blog here when I buy a new pair. Remember that one time my nana confiscated my new pair? LOL.

Here are the two pairs they sent. I decided to keep one pair as is, and DIY the other! All it took was a gold leaf pen!


The first thing you need to is wipe your glasses clean. Maybe sketch the designs you’re thinking of on a piece of paper. Practice a bit too, just so you get used to the tip and angle of the pen.


Once you have that set, dive in a draw on your frames. If you are messy, use painter’s tape over the lenses. and if your hand is shaky, use painter’s tape to anchor the glasses to the table while you paint.


Let dry. If you want, you can brush on a sealer, or just refresh the paint as it wears off.


See? Didn’t they come out so cool? Check out ICU Eyewear to see their full collection of summer styles! I hope they don’t mind me painting theses sunnies!


For the record – these are some others from the sun collection that even I would not DIY because they are gorg as is!

On a side note, I’m buying these reading specs next!

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