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Migajon: Bread Dough Flowers

Migajon is the Spanish version of bread dough clay!

Say hello to these easy-to-make Bread Dough Flowers! Can you believe these were made from slices of white bread and craft glue? Awesome recipe if you are ever in a “pinch” for supplies. Seriously, all you need is a bag of white sliced bread, craft paint, and white craft glue. And plastic bags. I made flowers, but you can use this method to make ornaments, magnets, all kinds of items.

Yes, this bread dough flowers idea is old school crafting at its finest! Enjoy!

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 See my video tutorial above!


SUPPLIES for bread dough flowers:

– Ziploc bags

– Aleene’s Tacky Glue

– 1 slice of white bread

– Tablespoon measuring spoon

– Craft paint (if desired)

– Ring blanks, jewelry tabs

bread-dough-flowers-diy3 migajon

Tear off the crust and pinch the bread into small pieces, place them all in the Ziploc. Measure out a tablespoon of the Tacky Glue and pour inside the bag with the bread. Add a few drops of paint if you want color. Seal the bag and use your fingers to mush the ingredients until they are all well blended. Rub some cold cream (or face cream) on your hands and turn the bag inside out. Pinch off as much of the mixture as you can. Roll it between your hands until it becomes a smooth ball.


Keep rolling it until it is a soft consistency. Now you are ready to make something!


Before you start, make other colors too, and make sure to store them in a bag to keep them moist.


Pinch off small circles of the dough, roll one of the circles into a bud. The others, press one-by-one around the bud to look like pedals. Use a craft knife to cut the bottom to make it flat.


Let them dry overnight until hard and cured, then add paint to highlight and a varnish to seal them and make them shine. I used ring blanks and jewelry tabs to make these rings!


If you plan to make bigger batches of the dough, use more bread and bigger bags!


YouTube video

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