How to Make Wine Spritzers

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Now that our fancy patio makeover is finished, it’s time to invite people over and entertain. It also happens to be 100+ degrees here in Phoenix. That means light, fresh and clean munchies and drinks. One of my favorite summer cocktails to sip is a wine spritzer. I like the idea of my drink being refreshing with a little fruity zing. With that in mind, I knew exactly what I wanted to make for this campaign – wine spritzers!


I was sent a bottle of the Gallo Family Vineyards Red Moscato in which to work my mixology magic! The Red Moscato is a perfect base because it has a yummy red berry finish. But instead of using the expected ginger ale for the bubbles, I picked up some bottles of Mexican soda. I tried fruit punch and mandarin orange, the latter being my favorite. Here’s how I made it!


1 bottle of Gallo Family Vineyards Red Moscato
1 bottle of orange soda
Sliced oranges
Mason jar mug with lid (because it feels more outdoorsy and summerish, you know?)

Slice up some oranges or tangerines.

Fill the jar with ice to the top. Open your bottle of Red Moscato and fill halfway. Use a tall spoon to stir so the ice chills the liquid.


Now top it off with the orange soda – or whatever fruit-flavored soda you want! Fruit punch soda, grape soda, even pineapple. We tried all of them, and they each make for a different zingy taste!

IDEA: You can even set up a Moscato Spritzer Make & Take Bar. Simply let your guests pour their base of Red Moscato, then let them choose what flavor of soda to add. You can have little dishes of garnishes set out as well. See? I just solved all your summer party planning problems!


Now add in the orange slices. If you use other fruit-flavored sodas, you can add other types of fruit. Stir, replace the lid and you are set!


Visit The Gallo Family Facebook page for even more recipes!
Visit The Gallo Family Facebook page for even more recipes!

The Gallo Family has an array of vine varieties that are perfect for summer entertaining! Check out their sites to see them!


Other ideas for Red Moscato:
– Mix it in with foods while cooking to add a punch of flavor!
– Make sangria! Fill a pitcher halfway, add some rum, lime juice and fruit and let it set, serve chilled.
– Save the empty bottle and cork for crafting!

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