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15 DIYS to Stay Golden

15 DIYs to stay golden by CraftyChica.com
15 DIYs to stay golden by CraftyChica.com

By Julia Duran for CraftyChica.com
Summertime in Phoenix is known for its sunshine, heat, and golden-studded sunsets! Sunsets which are awe-inspiring and beautiful! All those golden rays illuminating and making all things shine n’ sparkle… giving us a greater sense of well being, and not to mention the all that Vitamin D! It has been known the the color gold has been associated with wisdom, understanding and enlightenment, it also illuminates and enhances everything around it and in my opinion, it’s the best complimentary color around!

This DIY round-up features the color GOLD and as well as different techniques to incorporate it into your life and Stay Golden!

1. Gold Leaf Pots. Look at these fancy yet rustic pots! Try this gold leafing technique and get tips to get this look in your garden.

2. Glass Half Gold Canning Jar Vases. These vases by iLoveToCreate would look nice as center pieces for events, plus they are inexpensive and easy to make!
Gold Dipped Vases

3. Gold-Trimmed Sunnies. Get glam with these Gold-Trimmed Sunnies! You can get super creative with the patterns and designs and they are perfect for these summer days.

4. Gold as Gold Faux Metal Earrings. I love how these look like sunrays! You’ll be inspired by the technique used to achieve this look!

5. Gold flake Nugget Pendants. Who doesn’t like gold nuggets? Use some of that leftover Gold leaf you used to make your pots, to make some of these! BAM!

6. Golden Milagro Necklace. This necklace is pretty bomb, I love it!

7. Mirrored Jewelry Holder. Get some of that gold reflection on you while you get ready!

8. Glitter-dipped Clutch. Do you need to fancy up an old clutch or purse? This project will show you how.

9. DIY Milagros. Make your own Milagros, Plus you can use it on the Milagro necklace!

10. How to Glitter a Concrete Floor.
This project is seriously my all time fave and a classic!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wOWLFhTXRQ4 Video Link

11. Faux Embossing with Gold Accents. This a cool technique you can use on just about anything you can put tape on. I’ve made a picture frame using this technique!

12. Gold Glittered Cork Board. Let’s be real, most cork board is boring, but now this one is pretty fantastic and adds some fun and life to any space!

13. Gold plastic Flatware. Keep it Classy people! Give some glam to inexpensive plastic silverware.

14. Gold Striped Shirt. Revamp some old clothes with this fun and easy technique!

15. Golden Spoon Mirror.
Last but not least! Can you believe this frame is made out of plastic spoons? This is pretty awesome!

These DIYs are pretty legit. Have fun making and creating – and STAY GOLDEN!

– Julia Duran is an artist, stylist, and mom living in Phoenix, Arizona.

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