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Family Quote Mugs

I’m all about fired ceramics, but I know a lot of people don’t exactly have easy access to a kiln. So I was happy to come across this bake-at-home mug display at the craft store! I’ve always shied away from using permanent markers on mugs because of the toxicity levels, but these mugs and paint pens are 100% food safe. So I went for it!

As far as a theme, I’m all geared up for Thanksgiving fun. My idea here with these family quote mugs is to write a quote on each mug that represents a different family member – something they are always known for saying. Then write their name underneath. Pass out the mugs for dessert and coffee and everyone has to guess who said the quote. Plus, they make for a fun takeaway gift, and are washable and long-lasting!

Here is the video tutorial I made for this project!

YouTube video

TIPS for these pens:

– They flow very fast if you press too hard, so have Q-tips on hand to wipe up excess paint.

– Use lightly for thinner areas.

– Make sure to wipe down your mug before starting, to make sure there are no fingerprints.

– Do not preheat your oven before baking these, the mug has to gradually warm up with the oven.




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