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How to Make Money as an Artist


Looking to make money from your crafts and handmade goods? Here are my tips I’ve learned from over the years. First, here’s a rundown of a day-in-the-life of a full-time creativepreneur!

First, I woke up and had to finish making clay pieces for art orders and my Etsy store. Searching for pasta letters is not a quick job, people. Someday I’ll get around to sorting them, but not now.


THEN I filmed my first Crafty Chica Show on Facebook Live and it was a HIT!

Here is a link so you can watch the replay. 


MY HAIR IN THIS SCREENSHOT! Really? I caught myself during mid-fluff.

Patrick stood in as my cameraman and he did a great job, he added a lot of fun to the mix. I felt like I had a few hundred friends over to visit my studio. We made beaded bobby pins and I showed off the elements to my two new product lines (The Crafters Workshop and Sizzix). Then my friend Monique came over, After she left, I put on my game face and got busy filming this week’s Sparkle Saturday.

1 pm? No prob!

With Terminator-like focus, I began the editing process. And then.., DING DONG, the doorbell. Maya came home for the weekend from Los Angeles! We had so much to catch up on, lunch, etc. By the time I sat back at the command center (my desktop), we had to leave to a birthday party dinner.

So here it is (now four minutes left of Saturday) and I’m posting my video (click here for the link!).

YouTube video

The topic is How to Make Money as an Artist. I’ve spent more than half my life as a working artist and I’m sharing ten of the avenues that I use to bring in the dolla dolla billz. Don’t feel like you have to do all of these, just pick one or two to get started.

I’ve always felt like being an artist comes with wonderful life skills – if we can only all see it that way. We are filled with ideas for creating masterpieces, why not apply that brainstorming to build our bank accounts? No more talk or internal labeling of being “a struggling artist.” We can rock this!

I hope you like the video, it’s kinda long – seven minutes! Maybe you can watch it in chunks!

Hey – what other topics would you like me to cover on Sparkle Saturdays? Should I even keep calling it that? OK, I’m off to bed, hopefully my clay pieces will be bone dry so I can pop them in the kiln!

Oh my gosh, one more thing – guess what? At the end of next week I’m headed off Los Angeles to the Sizzix headquarters for meetings and to film videos. My new line is barely out and is already kicking butt in sales. I have some posts coming up this week here, stay tuned! Then the next week, I’m back in L.A. to visit YouTubeSpaceLA, then the next week I’m off to Facebook’s headquarters!

Yup, the rest of the month is going to be CRAZY! Okay for reals, I’m off to bed, I’m going to need the rest!

Home from #BlogHer16!

Muffins at a Fiesta? Yes!


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