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Mexican Embroidery Teacups and Saucers

These Mexican embroidery teacups and saucers are my new favorites. I love experimenting with new painting techniques and thought I’d show you the process for this set.

Now, keep in mind, I have a kiln, so these are fired bisque. You can make these two ways – you can visit a local paint-on-pottery studio (support a local business!) or use Sharpies, dollar store mugs and the oven (lots of tutorials on Pinterest). I really don’t suggest the latter because with all the work of painting, they won’t hold up through many washings, they will eventually fade or chip. If you REALLY want to make a special project like this, it’s worth investing in the fired version. My humble opinion at least!

You’ll need liner brushes for this, because the cups are petite.

Start by drawing your design on paper, and then onto the bisque cup. Leave space for the paint to flow. The pencil will fire off in the kiln (I use Bic mechanical pencils and have never had a problem).

Then add the green for all the stems and leaves.

When it comes to underglazes for ceramics, three coats fires the most vibrant. Then fill in the flowers. I usually do a coat of all red wherever needed, then all yellow, all purple, etc. Then I go back and do a second and third coat the same way. You can leave it like this, or use dimensional underglazes in a bottle with a fine tip. Then outline!

Let dry, then add two coats of clear glaze, let dry and fire to cone 06 (it takes seven hours) and make sure your kiln is under 200 degrees before opening.

NOTE: I drink coffee, so there is coffee in these, not tea, lol!

These came out so lovely! I’m really happy with them! The dimensional effect makes them pop! 

You can always tell a Crafty Chica cup or mug because I paint an inner heart on each side.

That way when you sip your tea, you’ll feel the love!


For the saucers, I used dimensional underglazes around the edges to resemble the stitching you would see on a Mexican-embroidered blouse. One has a zigzag pattern, and the other a blanket stitch.

The plates look beautiful without the tea cups, they stand out on their own!

What do you think? Would you ever make a set of these?

Have a great day, happy tea sipping! Thanks for checking out my post about Mexican embroidery teacups and saucers, I hope it inspires you in some way, shape or form!

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