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I Styled Maya in the Moment (My Daughter!)

This is what happens when your daughter works at Buzzfeed! You eventually end up in a video – or two or three…this was a super fun collab. Maya is on the  Pero Like team and they have a popular “Styled By” series nd they asked me to style Maya for a week.

Here’s the end result!

YouTube video

I think the hardest part of styling someone else is you not only have to have your own signature touch, but also think about helping the person’s personality shine through.

Here is the first outfit:

I found both of these on Modcloth. This outfit was for a normal workday, so I made it flirty with a homage to Arizona!


And the second outfit is my fave! The skirt is from Modcloth and the top is from Forever 21. The theme for this one was for a date night.


And the third outfit is from Pink House Boutique in Glendale, AZ! This one was for a red carpet premiere!


I loved working on this video, not just for the clothes and shopping angle but because it was cool to spend time with my kid and do something different. Even if she didn’t go for zebra stripes!

And look, here is a video with Patrick!

YouTube video

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