Painted wood earrings #craftychica #woodearrings

Painted Wood Earrings

Painted wood earrings #craftychica #woodearrings

Do you ever have ideas pop in your head and then you have to drop everything to make them happen? That was me with these painted wood earrings. I pulled out all my wood pieces from my craft stash and got to work painting them!

Painted wood earrings #craftychica #woodearrings

From there I painted micro designs on each and every little piece. Yup, I just about went crossed-eyed at this stage, but I couldn’t stop! I went on a major bender making dozens of these – which is awesome because its the holiday season! I have two types that I made to sell, one pair is just with the hook and the other style has a post design.

Painted wood earrings #craftychica #woodearrings


Painted wood earrings #craftychica #woodearrings Painted wood earrings #craftychica #woodearrings Painted wood earrings #craftychica #woodearrings Painted wood earrings #craftychica #woodearrings

Right now I only have two designs of these painted wood earrings, but hopefully, I’ll make more soon. I do have a nice display at Mucho Mas Art Studio if you live in Phoenix! Thanks for checking out my painted wood earrings!

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