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Disco ball inspired corazón

Check out this disco ball inspired sacred heart I whipped up! Disco ball mini mirrors have been trending for a while now and I finally took time to make something. It’s a retro kind of sparkle, right?

I LOVE how it turned out!

As far as the wood heart, I bought a bunch of them in Mexico City years back. I kept them in a special place, thinking I would paint them. But I think they were destine to sparkle!

You can visit a local Mexican import shop and buy some, or even make your own using cardboard.

Here is a video I made about this disco ball inspired heart!


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About disco balls

disco ball

The history of the disco ball dates back to the early 1920s.  Dance clubs were THE place to party. “Discotheques” as they were then known were dimly lit settings with a single light suspended in the center of the dance floor. This light was referred to as the “Disco Ball” and was used to create a magical, shimmery atmosphere.

The classic disco ball was made of a mirrored sphere covered in tiny mirrored fragments. As the light hit the ball, it would reflect the fragments off the walls and ceiling, creating a sparkly, reflective environment.

Over time, the classic disco ball has evolved and now features glitter, multi-colored and LED technologies.

No matter what type of disco ball it is, its purpose remains the same, to light up the dance floor and get people shaking and grooving!


Disco balls and crafts

Of course disco balls and crafts go hand in hand! Disco inspired everything!

The mini mirrors on disco balls are iconic shimmering decorations perfect for parties and events. The mini mirrors can have different shapes, such as circles, squares, or triangles.

I covered a corazón, but here are some other ideas (decorative use):

  • Picture frame
  • A shoe
  • Flower pot
  • Birdhouse
  • A vase
  • Other interesting inanimate objects
  • Use them to make a mosaic piece

Supplies to make a disco inspired sacred heart:

One package of mini mirrors
Wood heart, or any other kind of surface that has a smooth texture 
Lightweight gloves because the edges are sharp on a mini mirrors
Dollar store scissors
White craft glue if you want your mirrors to be on super sturdy.


Set up a workspace that is free and clear of debris. Take a good look at your piece and notice the curves. Decide what kind of pattern you want to use to cover.

disco ball inspired heart

For this heart, I went around the shape, but I think next time I might try doing it all horizontal to see how that looks. The only way to know for sure is to experiment.

disco ball inspired heart

Use your dollar store scissors to cut off a row of the mirrors. To do this, you will need to carefully crease the row of mirrors away from the rest of the sheet so your scissors can glide through and cut the backing paper.

Otherwise, your scissors might cut the mirrors and make them shatter on the edges.

If you do not want to work and strips, you can’t work tile by tile, but that will take much longer.

disco ball inspired heart

Peel off the protective backing and start applying the road to your heart base.

NOTE: The backing is pretty sticky, but if you choose, you can use a stronger glue, like white craft glue or E6000. I wouldn’t use hot glue, it will be too lumpy.

Press it down carefully and firmly using your fingers. As you keep adding the rows, keep pushing the tiles close together to avoid any open spots.

disco ball inspired heart

You will reach an area where the tiles overlap or maybe are too short. If they overlap, those are sharp edges to deal with. If it is too short, you’ll have a little gap. 

You can decide how you want to finish off the edges. 

Keep in mind they are very sharp so if you were going to be handling it a lot – I suggest filling in the open spaces around the edges with silver paint.

disco ball inspired heart

Once you are done, smooth everything in place by pressing your gloved fingers over the surface. Do not glide them across because you don’t wanna cut your fingers!

Polish with a soft cloth to remove any fingerprints.

That’s really all there is to it!

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