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Crafty Chica sticker shop + 25 creative uses for stickers

Have you seen my recent Crafty Chica sticker shop collection? It is now uploaded in my online store. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the collection. I also have a list of 25 creative uses for stickers!

There are so many brilliant stickers out there, and it felt good to contribute to that narrative in my own way. I create my stickers with the intention to uplift, make you smile and they are vinyl and waterproof. Water bottle friendly!

Each sticker measures approximately 3″

My stickers are manufactured here in Phoenix, AZ, so when you purchase, you are supporting two small businesses! 

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crafty chica sticker shop

Here are 25 creative uses for stickers:

creative uses for stickers

Personalize Gadgets: Adorn your laptop, tablet, phone, or game console.

Wall Art or mixed media collage art: Use vinyl stickers as wall decals to change up the look of a room without permanent modifications. Use tape if you don’t want to use the sticky back.

Vehicle Decor: Customize your car, bicycle, or motorcycle.

Customized Mugs and Bottles: Make your mugs, water bottles, or tumblers stand out.

Notebook and Planner Decoration: Liven up your school or work notebooks and planners.

DIY Gifts: Create personalized gifts such as customized photo frames, trinket boxes, or ornaments.

Furniture Update: Use vinyl stickers to add some flair to furniture items, like dressers or side tables.

Home Appliances: Add personality to fridges, washing machines, or other household appliances.

Signage: For businesses, create signs for store hours, sales, or other announcements.

Window Decals: For home or businesses, use them for seasonal decorations or promotions visible to passersby.

Scrapbooking: Incorporate them into your scrapbook pages for added depth and texture.

Custom Labels: Use them to label homemade products, such as jams, wines, or crafts.

Kids’ Room Decor: Fun and colorful stickers can be used for educational purposes or just for decoration.

Guitar and Musical Instruments: Personalize your instrument with a touch of your style.

Door Signage: For bedrooms, offices, or any private spaces, use them to identify or add a personal touch to the entrance.

Holiday Decor: Festive stickers can be used to spruce up your living space during special occasions.

Mail and Packaging: Add a personal touch to gifts or shipments.

Labeling Home Organizers: For bins, jars, or shelves to keep things tidy.

Phone Cases: Give a fresh look to your phone case with a new sticker every now and then.

Luggage: Make your suitcase or backpack stand out at baggage claim.

Craft Projects: Incorporate stickers into various craft projects for added design elements.

Wedding or Party Favors: Customize keepsakes for guests or use them for invitations.

Name Tags: Instead of the traditional paper tags, use vinyl stickers for events or parties.

Business Branding: Use stickers with your company logo or slogan to promote your brand on folders, merchandise, or even on company vehicles.

Safety Signage: Use reflective or brightly colored stickers as indicators on items like helmets, bicycles, or tools to enhance visibility.

Crafty Chica Sticker Shop

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