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DIY coin jewelry: Make a ring from your pesos!

Interested in DIY coin jewelry? Here is how to make a ring from your pesos!

I love to travel – especially BIG trips. As a result, I always have leftover coins. No worries, they inspired this craft!  Turning foreign coins into exquisite rings trimmed with flat back crystals is an ultra satisfying craft, and super sparkly!


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Check out my video above showing how I made these, or just scroll through to see the complete directions and shopping list.

rings made from pesos

Not only does this technique allow you to create unique pieces, but it also combines cultural elements with mega shine.

Here is how to DIY coin jewelry with crystals!



Foreign Coins – Choose coins with interesting designs or cultural significance. The size and material of the coin will determine the final appearance of your ring.

Flat Back Glass Crystals – Size ss10 will give a dainty look whereas SS16 is a bit chunky. Both work great for peso rings. Do not use plastic or acyclic, stick with glass crystals.

flat back crystals

Ring Blanks: These are the bases onto which you’ll attach the coin and crystals. You can find adjustable ring blanks in jewelry supply stores.

2-part Epoxy Resin or e6000: This adhesive will securely attach the ring back to the coin.

UV resin and light: To attach the crystals to the coins.

Jewelry Tools**: Needle-nose pliers, tweezers, and a small paintbrush will help you handle and position the coin and crystals.

Protective Gear: Safety goggles and gloves are important when working with resin and adhesives.

How to make DIY Coin Jewelry with crystals


diy coin jewelry

Select a Coin: Choose a foreign coin that resonates with you or holds sentimental value. The size and design of the coin will determine the ring’s overall look.

Clean and Prepare: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the foreign coin to remove any dirt or residue. This will ensure that the adhesive bonds properly. Also, clean your work area and gather all your materials.

Plan the design

Plan Crystal Placement: Design the layout of the crystals around the coin. Experiment with different arrangements until you find a pattern that complements the coin’s design. Use tweezers to move the crystals around without touching them directly.

Apply UV resin: I used a precision tip bottle, or you can apply with a chopstick. Add thin circle around the coin.

adding resin to coin

Attach Crystals: Working one crystal at a time, apply a small amount of jewelry adhesive to the back of each crystal and carefully place it onto the coin. Use a paintbrush or tweezers to position the crystals precisely.

diy coin jewelry

Now add resin in the center so it is even and bubble-free.

diy coin jewelry

Cure it!

Place it under the UV light for 2-3 minutes until fully hard.

diy coin jewelry

Attach the ring back: Using 2-part epoxy resin or e6000, adhere the coin to the ring blank’s flat surface. Hold it in place until the adhesive sets. Ensure that the coin is centered and level.

diy coin jewelry

Finishing Touches: Once the crystals are securely attached, inspect the ring for any loose crystals. Gently press down on any that might need reinforcement.

diy peso rings

Peso ring, version 2

For these peso rings, I glued the coins to a wood base, then added the crystals. A little chunkier but they still came out really cool!


Color the wood pieces with the marker, you can also use paint if you want. You can also use wood checkers!
Glue the coin in the center. Add the crystals, using the process above.
For this ring, I used crystals on a strand. I like the black border around the sparkle, it gives a lot of body to the design!


 My finished rings!



Here is how the ring looks on my hand. Yup, I like big jewelry. You can use smaller coins for a smaller look. If that’s the case, I’d go with smaller crystals as well!

diy coin jewelry



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