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DIY Artful Pumpkins


I wanted to paint some artful pumpkins this year rather than embrace the traditional concept of fall. I bypassed the foam pumpkins at the craft store and opted for real pumpkins from my local grocery store. There’s nothing like the feel, size, and personality of these. After I worked my paintbrush magic, I decided I’m going back for more!


Look for pumpkins that are smooth and aren’t super lopsided, it makes it easier to apply a design.

If you want an assortment, buy three, each a different size. You can even use the white pumpkins too!

Wash and dry your pumpkins.

Choose a color theme, but contrasting patterns. This will make for an interesting collection.

I used red, orange, pink, teal, purple and black. And gold for shimmer! You can freehand a design or use chalk to sketch it out on the pumpkin.

I used Tacky Glue and Mexican confetti on this one.

I applied a thin streaky basecoat of pink, so the orange would show through. Then I added gold for shimmer. I felt like it needed more – so I used dimensional paint to draw designs all over the front.

This one is my favorite! I freestyled with the design, and then after it dried, I added a coat of sparkle varnish.

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8 thoughts on “DIY Artful Pumpkins”

  1. Thanks for the great ideas! LOVE the one with the raised design — all that pinky orange goodness with a splash of gold for sparkle! What sort of paint are you using for the base — regular acrylic?

  2. Hola! We use Dillon’s, which is in the family of Kroger stores. I already have a card and enjoy the perks of points for gas, e-coupons, paper coupons, and free stuff on free Friday downloads.


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