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Trick or Treat Candy Halloween Tree

Wanna make a trick or treat candy Halloween tree? You totally should! I’ve seen Halloween trees everywhere this season and while chatting with my friendThania from Subculture Recall, we came up with the idea of CANDY HALLOWEEN TREE!!!


Make sure to follow their blog too, they always have a lot of fun DIYs to try!

About the Trick or Treat Candy Halloween Tree

Think about it – put your tree on the porch, decorate it with orange and black. Use clothes pins to attach the candies. How fun is that? Your trick or treaters can choose which one they want and I swear you will be the talk of the neighborhood. We used all kinds of candies!

I recently posted my Pirate Halloween Tree  and had still had my tree set out. I figured why not?


YouTube video

Here’s a video we made – part one of two!

Check it out and let me know if you like this idea!

Here is Part Two!

YouTube video

TIPS for your Candy Halloween Tree:

Use candies that will be easy to hang.

If it’s hot in your area, use candies that won’t melt.

Stay on your porch to monitor people!

More is better, we used 100 clothes pins and candies!

Here are some additional Halloween candy ideas, as well as some other fun, themed items you might consider:

Candy Choices:

– Eyeball Gummies: These can look spooky and fun.
– Ghost or Pumpkin Marshmallows: Lightweight and fitting for the theme.
– Halloween Peeps: Shapes include cats, ghosts, and pumpkins.
– Candy Corn: A classic Halloween treat.
– Chocolate Bats or Mummies: Often found in themed foil wrappers.

Halloween Lollipops:

– Various designs such as spiders, skulls, and pumpkins can be hung from the tree using their sticks.

Small Halloween-Themed Toys:

– Plastic Rings: Designs might feature spiders, skulls, or bats.
– Tiny Bouncy Balls: Designed like eyeballs or pumpkins.
– Miniature Slime or Putty Containers: Popular with kids.

Glow Sticks or Glow Bracelets:

– These can give a luminous touch to your tree, especially when it gets dark.

Themed Wrappers:

– Regular candies can be Halloween-ified with wrappers that have witches, haunted houses, or black cats.

Homemade Treats:

– Orange and Black Popcorn Balls: Mix in candy corn for added flavor and color.
– Rice Krispie Treats: Shape them like ghosts or monsters and decorate with edible eyes or chocolate drizzle.

Small Packets:

– Hot Cocoa Mix: Add a “witch’s brew” label for a touch of fun.
– Apple Cider Packets: Relabel as “pumpkin juice” or something similar.

Spooky Gelatin Shapes:

– Use Halloween molds and wrap them individually. They can be a unique addition.

Themed Candy Bags:

– Make small bags with a mix of candies and seal them with Halloween stickers. Use ribbons to hang them from the tree.

Decorative Elements:

– Small Plastic Spiders: Add a creepy touch.
– Fake Cobwebs: Drape over branches for a haunted look.
– Miniature Skeletons or Skulls: Can be placed among the candies.
– Battery Operated LED Lights: Orange or purple lights can offer a spooky ambiance.

Enjoy your Trick or Treat Tree and have a spooky Halloween! 🎃🌲🍬

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