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Yay! You found this page! This is my special VIP insider page. It’s full of goodies and inspiration just for you!

We always think of planners when it comes to organizing, but how about goal setting?

Here are some other ways you can think when it comes to using your planner:

Keep a planner out in the open for family and friends to jot down their dates and notes.

Use a mini-planner for vacations, conferences, or events.

Create specific micro-planners for things like seasonal wardrobes, gardening, social media, etc.

Use your mini-stickers with UV resin to make jewelry like pendants or rings. You can also use them on nail art, or file tabs.

Use your planners for everything from meal tracking and gratitude journaling to gardening and fitness tracking.

How about some printables?

You can download these and use them in your personal art and craft projects. Use them in your planners, collage art, card making, ornaments, etc. Print them at whatever size you want!



How to channel your special sauce creativity

Here are some tips to help you find your creative spark and appreciate your artistic endeavors:

Change Your Environment: Sometimes, a change of scenery can stimulate creativity. Try working in a new space, whether it’s a cafe, a park, or a different room in your home.

Set Small Goals: Instead of overwhelming yourself with a large project, break it down into smaller, manageable tasks. Achieving these can boost your confidence and keep your creativity flowing.

Take Breaks: Stepping away from your work can provide new perspectives and help you return to it with fresh eyes. Activities like walking, meditating, or even napping can rejuvenate your spirit!

Seek Inspiration: Look for inspiration in books, music, art, or nature. Sometimes, the work of others can spark your own creativity.

Collaborate with Others: Joining forces with other creative individuals can introduce new ideas and methods that you might not have considered on your own.

Try a Different Medium: If you’re stuck in one medium, switching to another can unleash new creative ideas. For example, a painter might try sculpting, or a writer might experiment with photography.

Limit Your Tools: Imposing limitations on your tools or materials can force you to think creatively about how to overcome them.

Celebrate Small Victories: Each step in the creative process is an achievement. Celebrate your progress and small victories along the way; this can include sharing your work with friends or on social media, or simply treating yourself to something you enjoy.

Reflect on Your Journey: Keep a journal of your creative projects and ideas. Reflecting on what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown can be a significant motivational boost.

Engage in Creative Play: Allow yourself to create without goals or restrictions. This kind of free play can lead to unexpected discoveries and innovations.


Incorporate creativity into everyday life:

Start with a Morning Ritual: Begin your day with a creative activity that pleases you, like writing, sketching, or playing music. This sets a positive, creative tone for the day.

Decorate Your Space: Personalize your living or workspace with items that inspire you, such as artwork, colorful accessories, or motivational quotes. Changing up the decor can also refresh your perspective.

Cook Creatively: Use your meals as an opportunity to experiment with new recipes or invent your own. Cooking is a great way to express creativity through flavors, colors, and presentation.

Take Creative Breaks: During breaks at work or home, engage in short creative exercises like doodling, crafting, or solving puzzles. This can help keep your brain active and break the monotony of routine tasks.

Keep a Creativity Journal: Carry a small notebook or use a digital app to jot down ideas, sketches, or observations throughout the day. This not only serves as a creative outlet but also as a repository of ideas for future projects.

Learn Something New: Dedicate time to learning a new skill or hobby, whether it’s playing an instrument, gardening, or coding. Learning stimulates the brain and can inspire creative thinking in other areas of life.

Alter Your Commute: If possible, take a different route to work or school to change your environmental stimuli, which can spark new ideas and perspectives.

Engage with the Arts: Regularly consume and engage with art, whether by reading, visiting galleries, watching films, or attending performances. These experiences can broaden your horizons and inspire new creative thoughts.

Use Technology Creatively: Explore apps and tools designed to boost creativity, from digital painting apps to music-making software and creative writing tools.

End Your Day Reflectively: Spend some time each evening reflecting on what you created or learned that day. This not only helps consolidate memories but also encourages you to think about what you might explore next.


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