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Scrabble Ornament DIY

Scrabble Ornament DIY


Here is a Scrabble ornament DIY you’ll love.

You can’t go wrong with this ornaments project because you can personalize it or exercise your Scrabble expertise to show off your favorite words. Or even phrases!

I’m going to share my method, and then some other fun holiday crafts you can make with Scrabble tiles!

And before you stress out about ruining a perfectly good board game, there is always a work around. You can photo copy the tiles and decoupage them instead of using the actual wood pieces. And if you look in the wood section of that craft store, you might find a bag of “Scrabble-inspired” letter tiles.

Supplies for the Scrabble ornament DIY

scrabble tiles

Scrabble game – you can also look at the thrift store because you can often find random tiles in baggies in the craft area.

Wide ribbon, about 1-1/2″. Glittered ribbon is fun or grosgrain.

Hot glue or white craft glue

Loose glitter or glitter puffy paint

Jump rung

Assorted beads or charms




Choose your tiles and arrange them on the ribbon, don’t glue them yet. 

Add glue or paint to each tile, and glitter if desired. Let dry.

Cut the ribbon a bit longer to leave room for it to show. 

Glue the tiles in place and then create a small fold at the top and bottom of the ribbon so you can feed the wire or ribbon through for hanging. 

Add a jump ring at the bottom and add the beads or charms!

Other ideas!

Rather than one word, you can cut a piece of fabric or card stock and make phrase ornaments, like this:

scrabble ornaments


Here are some awesome ideas I found on YouTube! 

Scrabble Tile Ornaments

These are a little different than mine, I love how they added the small bow at the top!


Scrabble Phrase Ornaments

This is clever the way they connected the words using twine. They even look like little trees, so festive!


Scrabble Ornament Gift Topper

Scrabble tiles with tray ornament

This is for the ultimate Scrabble die-hardi n the family. She literally sawed the tray to fit thw size of the word for the ornament. That is dedication!

Thanks for checking out my Scrabble ornament DIY post! I hope it offers you some crafty inspiration!

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