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Creative DIY Custom Gift Card Holders

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to present your gift cards this Christmas? I bet you are! I mean, you ended up on my blog post about Creative DIY Custom Gift Card Holders, didn’t you?

And, I have quite a few gift card holders that are unique and fun to craft.

Want to add a personal touch to a boring gift card (or cash)? Or simply want to make the presentation extra special? These unique gift card holders are perfect for taking it to the next level!

Making things from scratch turns these into little pieces of art. Handmade gifts are a great way to make someone you care about, smile, and feel loved.

Creative DIY Custom Gift Card Holders for Christmas

Below you will find some really fun ideas on how you can create some stunning gift card holders! 

Origami Envelopes

origami envelopes

You don’t need to be a paper folding master to create a stunning origami envelope gift card holder. With just a few simple creases, you can transform a piece of paper into a work of art that will impress anyone. 

I know when you hear ‘origami‘ you might get a bit scared and think ‘No way could I do that!’. However, I thought this too, but you know what? After several tries, I DID it!! So if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO.

Check out how to make this DIY origami envelope gift card holder below, for a cute and easy way to showcase your gift card! 

With a point facing up, and a crease in the center.

Open and crease the bottom point up to the center fold.

Now fold the bottom flat side up to meet the center crease.

Next, fold the left side over to the center, and do the same for the right side.

Fold up one of the sides ends, and crease it into a diamond shape.

Fold the top point down and slip the point into the diamond you just folded.

Here’s a video on how to make an Origami Envelope, I made if you need more help!

Mason Jar Gift Holder With Lights!

The little strand of fairy lights nestled inside really brings these cute little holiday jars to life! So unique! You really don’t have to do a whole lot of things to make these cute and unique customizable gift card holders.

I love to buy small jars with lids on Amazon only because these fit the gift card and fairy lights so perfectly. They are not too big and bulky and they are just adorable! These customized plastic card holder jars are perfect for special events, or any holiday!

You will need the following supplies:

Small clear jar with a lid

Mini fairy lights (battery-powered, duh!)

Brightly colored Christmas ribbon or twine 

Faux (or real) Christmas greens


Red faux berries

Hot glue gun

Here is a tutorial I made of the Mason jar gift card holder. It turned out SO cute! I used other stuff than what I mentioned above, but that is the beauty of DIY crafts! You can use whatever you want to make it your own! There are so many product options and decorations you can use.

Photo Envelopes

photo envelopes

I love making photo crafts because they are so special! These photo envelopes are really easy to make. You can use PicMonkey or Canva to create a photo collage and custom design for these paper photo envelopes. 

They turn out so cute! Then, slip a gift card into the gift card envelopes along with a Christmas card for a lasting impression on the gift recipient.

Festive Gift Card Sleeves

gift card sleeves

These are beautiful, embellished festive gift card sleeves that are unique. Then, add a plastic gift card and you are done! These custom gift card sleeves can be decorated however you want. They are just so fun to make!

Gift Card Book

gift card book with envelopes

This is a unique way to give a gift card to a loved one this holiday season. It is unpredictable and so fun! You create a small book and the pages are made with small envelopes so you can slip a gift card in there easily!

 You can also make an envelope to hold the little book and gift card snuggly inside. Find out how to make these gift card books by clicking that dang link!

Printable Gingerbread Gift Card Holder

Credit: MimosasAndMotherhood.com

I love love love printables! You can either make them yourself using Canva, or you can find numerous free printables online! And, this adorable printable gingerbread gift card holder really caught my eye! 

Download it, print it out, color it (or print it out already colored!!!), decorate it, and then slip that gift card in for a festive and super easy-to-make DIY gift card holder!! Get your free printable design templates by clicking the link above.

This Holly Jolly Merry Happy super cute and FREE Christmas gift card holder can be downloaded and printed out all from the comfort of your home. It is a cheap but super cute gift card carrier and a way to gift a holiday gift card to a loved one this holiday season. 

DIY Gift Card Boxes

Turn greeting cards into gift boxes

There is something about little things that gets me! And these cute little DIY gift card paper boxes are too dang cute! 

A handmade gift box is the perfect way to present a gift card to a loved one this Christmas (or any occasion during the year). There are different box styles to choose from!

Printable Coffee Gift Card Holders

Credit: RufflesAndRainboots.com

Who doesn’t LOVE to receive gift cards? And, if they are coffee gift cards, they are all the more adored! These fun printable coffee gift card holders with sayings on them are the perfect way to gift a coffee gift card to a loved one.

DIY Fabric Gift Card Holder

This DIY fabric gift card holder is too cute and really unique (and, no pattern is needed!). If you have leftover fabric, now would be a good time to use it because these fabric gift card holders don’t take much to make! 

Once you read over the instructions and have all your supplies, making this gift card holder will be a breeze!

DIY Gift Card Holder Made with Felt

felt gift card holder
Credit: MeAndMyInklings.com

These DIY felt gift card holders are darling and with a gift card nestled inside, make this a gift to remember! With a little hand stitching, some pretty colored felt, and imagination, you can learn how to wrap gift cards in felt! So neat!

DIY Mini Stocking Gift Card Holder

gift card holder
Credit: HappiestCamper.com

This simple yet so Christmasy-looking red mini stocking is the perfect place to hide a gift card! You only need a few supplies too! Grab the directions, tutorial, and pattern for this DIY Mini Stocking Gift Card Holder by clicking that link!

12 others ways to make gift cards!

diy gift cards
Credit: SmartFunDIY.com

This is from my friend, Jennifer Priest, who came u p with twelve super cute ideas for DIY gift cards! You goota check out this list, it is so creative!

What Should I Do With My Used-Up Plastic Gift Cards???

gift card magnets

Okay, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this recycling idea for used-up plastic cards! Why not turn your used gift card into a work of art? 

Make these unique recycled gift card photo magnet frames or mini shadow boxes! I told you I loved tiny mini-things, didn’t I? This mini magnet frame doesn’t disappoint! Too cute!

What you’ll need:

Used gift cards

Thick craft glue or hot glue



Gems, stickers, beads

Photo printed in small size to fit in the frame

​Tiny magnets or magnetic strips that you can cut

Find out how to make these recyclable gift card photo magnets by clicking that link! 

If you want more recycled gift card crafting ideas, check out this gift card accordion book! Adorable and genius!

Presenting a thoughtful gift card in a custom holder that you made yourself, really adds a personal touch to the plain old gift cards you are handing out this holiday season. 

Whether you opt for the elegance of origami, the convenience of printable templates, the creativity and craftiness of handmade gift card holders, or the eco-friendliness of upcycled plastic gift cards you have used up, the effort you put into creating a custom gift card holder will surely be a memorable experience for both you and your recipient. 

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