Fancy Felt Dish Towels

I have embellishment-itis.

My hands quiver when I see raw wood furniture.

My left eye twitches if I even think about a solid- color canvas tote. And brand-new blank journals? Oh, Lordy, hold me back.

I’m the kind of wife/mom/friend/daughter who makes people hide their goods, because if I find them, I may just break out the sequins. I have the urge to decorate everything and anything possible – even down to our innocent dish towels.

I don’t feel guilty, though. Life is too short to have plain white towels in the kitchen. With a bit of felt and embroidery floss, you, too, can discover the happy world of this colorful design disorder. By the way, this project can be made in any color combination and will make a great hostess or housewarming gift.

Fancy Felt Dish Towels

2 blank dish towels
Straight pins
Assorted colors of embroidery thread, needle
Assorted colors of craft felt
Pompom trim

1. Cut six circles (or squares) 1 1/2 inches across, and six circles (or squares) that are 1 inch across.

2. Match up the shapes to make six contrasting sets that have one large and one smaller shape.

3. Use the straight pins to attach the sets where you want them. Thread your embroidery needles with a contrasting color and sew approximately 20 satin stitches in a pinwheel design. If you are using squares, you will need eight to nine stitches.

4. Continue sewing on the remaining pieces.

5. Embroider a line across the bottom and/or other designs, as desired.

6. Sew on a line of pompom fringe.

Variations: Instead of circles and squares, try cutting out letters, Picasso-like faces or other shapes. Sew on fabric to match the felt.

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