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Valentine Granny Handbag


Sometimes decoupage is too sticky to be fun, and stickers look less than classy. Thankfully, there is a happy medium – Lazertran transfer sheets – they are actually “water slide decals”. It’s a clean way to apply an image to any object without using glue.

Here’s how it works: Photocopy a picture onto one of the sheets; soak it in water to see it turn into a thin, clear decal that can be applied to any surface. I have a soft spot for granny handbags that are readily available at the thrift store, so for this project I combined that with an old-fashioned valentine theme.


1 vintage handbag with smooth side panels
1 sheet of Lazertran transfer paper
1 picture
1 small bowl of water
1 package of crystals, 4 millimeter
Extra strength glue


1. Photocopy the image onto the sheet transfer paper.
2. Cut out the picture and decide where you want it on the handbag.
3. Place the picture in the bowl of water and let it sit for a few minutes. The top layer of the paper will separate from the bottom.
4. Carefully pick up the top layer (it will have the picture on it) and place it where you want it on the handbag. Let the picture dry on the handbag for 24 hours.
5. Decorate the edge of the picture with red ribbon and let dry.
6. Dip the toothpick or chopstick in the glue and apply it in dots randomly on the purse. Pick up the crystals one at a time by using the crayon, place on the glue. Let dry.

Tips and variations: When applying the picture, remove any air bubbles by running your fingers over them. If desired, add a coat of varnish to seal the picture.

Water-slide decals work best on flat surfaces.

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