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Beaded Bottle Toppers

It was a tiny secret that took years to be revealed.

When my Patrick and I first dated, I had just purchased a new perfume. I loved it and used it lavishly. Our relationship flourished and I connected my eau de toilette with the passion. But when the romance ran out, so did the fragrance.

Patrick and I eventually reunited, and it was five happy years into our matrimony when I came across a beauty catalog. There on the front cover was a promotion celebrating the relaunch of some old favorites — including my saucy scent.
I was so excited. This was my chance to right the wrong. I bought the huge economy size, spritzed it on and waited for any retro romantic reaction.

He didn’t mention a word, much less come near me.

Figuring his allergies were acting up, I went for another round of the perfume, but I couldn’t find it.

“Have you seen my new perfume?” I asked.

“Hmmm, it’s not there?” he innocently replied. “Oh, just let it go, honey, I like the perfume you have now.”

“But I got it as a surprise for you!” I said, with a big smile. “Don’t you remember the smell? It’s the one I used to wear when we were first dating!”

There was a pause, and then the horrifying reply.

“OK, I hid it,” he confessed. “I never wanted to hurt your feelings then, or now, but dang! That perfume is skanky-smelling! The whole time we were dating I dreaded it, but you liked it so much. … Please don’t put me through that again!”

So I found out the hard way that if only I had asked him long ago, perhaps we would never have ended our courtship the first time. You think?

Anyway, I dedicate this Beaded Bottle Topper project to my hubby. May he find the perfect perfume to go with one of these bottles.

* 3 glass, painted or wood beads in assorted sizes
* 3 seed beads
* 1 hatpin
* 1 bag of assorted-size corks
* Glass bottle (any size)
Directions: Match the beads’ color scheme with the room where you will display your bottle. Arrange the beads on the hatpin, leaving 1 inch at the bottom. Choose a cork that fits your bottle. Carefully push the beaded pin into the middle of the cork and place into bottle.

Tip: Fill with colored mouthwash for added dimension, or glue other beads around the lip.

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

It started from a TV tray

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