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Frosted etched glassware tutorial

Here is an etched glassware tutorial!
Here in Phoenix, the temp has reached 115 degrees. There’s nothing I can do about it except run from one air-conditioned area to another. Even then – it’s still hot!

But at least we can think “cool”, right? Here is an easy recipe for frosty designer glassware. You can score a set of glasses at the discount department store for less than $5 and make them your own using one jar of etching cream. Or you can go with my preferred method and buy assorted shapes and use one stenciled theme to tie them all together. If you want a classier look, visit a high-end housewares store and peek at their offerings for inspiration. This project also works great as a wedding, shower or housewarming gift because you can design a set to fit the person.


• Assorted drinking glasses
• Blue painter’s tape
• 1 package of round labels (office-supply section)
• 1 pair of plastic gloves
• 1 small brush
1 jar of etching cream 
• Chopstick or toothpick
• Extra strength waterproof adhesive
• 1 bag of 6mm flat backed crystals 


Wash and dry the glasses. Start with one glass.

Apply a band of blue painter’s tape around the rim. Add labels randomly around the outer surface of the glass.

Press all the edges down firmly, which will prevent the etching cream from seeping under the label. Wearing the gloves, use the brush to apply a thick layer of the etching cream in vertical strokes all around the glass.

Let sit for 10 minutes, rinse well, and remove the labels. Dry the glass.

Apply a new set of labels in the same spots.

This time, apply the cream horizontally around the glass. Let it sit for 10 minutes, rinse and remove labels. If there are any “bald” spots of the cream, repeat the process and apply cream vertically.

The glass should look evenly etched with clean polka dots. For the finishing touch, dab the end of a chopstick or toothpick in the adhesive and make a small dot on the glass. Pick up a crystal and set it on the adhesive.

Continue as desired all over the glass.

These glasses will even hold up in the dishwasher!


Variations and tips:

Use painter’s tapes in different widths to create the look of stripes.

Put words on your glasses by printing them in large fonts on sticker paper, cutting the letters out with a craft knife and using the remaining paper as a stencil for the cream. Aside from drinking glasses, you also can etch mirrors, pitchers, vases, salt and pepper shakers or other glass objects.

For more color accents, use porcelain paint or colored crystals.


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