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CD Garden Globe

garden globe made from CDs

One of the most lucrative aspects of crafting is the power to change the ordinary into the extraordinary. I jumped on this idea when I counted the number of free Internet-service-provider CDs that I recently received in the mail. Because I’m not one to throw things away, I whipped out my scissors and mosaic supplies and went to work on this glitzy garden globe.

I suggest purchasing an inexpensive pair of scissors for this project, because cutting through the discs will dull the blades. Ultimately, the small pieces arranged around the ball will reflect light beautifully.



* 6 to 8 unwanted CDs

* Tile nippers or heavy-duty scissors

* 1 Styrofoam ball (8-inch round)

* 1 bottle of Aleene’s Foamtastic adhesive

* Pedestal

* 1 carton of mosaic grout (1 pound)

* Acrylic paint in desired color (optional)

* Medium-size rubber spatula

* Damp sponge

* Dry cloth

DIRECTIONS: Cut the CDs into 1-inch pieces. Holding the ball in your lap, adhere the CD pieces one by one so that they are approximately 1/8 inch apart. Rest ball on the pedestal and let dry completely.

Mix half the carton of grout according to directions (if desired, add a few drops of the paint to add color). Working one side at a time, use the spatula to fill in the crevices with grout. Wipe the ball down with the damp sponge to remove the excess grout. Continue process until the entire ball is smooth and even. Let dry and then polish the CD pieces with the dry cloth.
TIP: Sometimes certain discs will crack when cut. These still will work; just set them aside and intersperse them among the smoother pieces.


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