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Make a Mystery Book

Make a mystery book!

Needlepoint mysteries seem a little campy, maybe a bit corny. Think Scooby Doo meets Martha Stewart. Hello, guilty pleasure! But with titles like “Sins and Needles,” “Knitting Bones,” “Thai Die,” “Framed in Lace” and “Crewel World” (all by Monica Ferris), who can pass them up? Here’s the ideal project: Secret Book Box.

Open the front cover of a vintage hardback book. Clamp the pages down to the back cover and glue edges; let dry. Keep the front cover open, draw a square on the first page and use a craft knife to cut through the pages all the way to the back cover. Depress the top page and brush white craft glue on inside edges of the square. Let dry. You’ve just created a secret compartment inside what looks like a regular book!

Movie: Slumdog Millionaire

Inspiration Friday: author Jeff Rivera


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