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DIY Quickie Drapes

I made these in about an hour before my cousins came over to help me make tamales. Rush job. Finally hung. I had to cut the panels shorter because one caught on fire and the other got soaked. But hey! They are done!

Glittered Resin Snowflakes

Vintage pictures


7 thoughts on “DIY Quickie Drapes”

  1. *gasp* one caught on FIRE?? and one got SOAKED? well, they came out just fine! Are you going to make a movie of you making tamales this year? I’m asking because if anything awesome-ly funny happens…I’d like to see it! 😀
    Good luck!

  2. oh, it sounds much worse than it is, i had a glade jar candle burning and when i took down the rod to adjust the drapes, the corner went on top of the candle. STUPID OF ME! luckily it only singed because the candle was burning pretty low. i doused it in the sink and all was well. it was the green curtains and they were too long anyways. but it has reminded me never to take anything or granted, safety first always! never have burning candles in your work area.

  3. Kathy, you are so awesome. Only you can turn a quickie decoration (which really turned out incredibly cute) into a passionate tale of flames and flood. This one almost beats the story of the painted shoes that crackled. Glade candle. Gee. I guess that means no hunky firemen were called in.

  4. no firemen, but i guess it is for the best!! I LOVE these curtains. I made them in a hurry and they are a bit snug on the rod (I can fix later), but wow, they brighten up with whole kitchen. it’s mageneta and the family room orange, so it ties the two rooms together. despite the dramz, i’m really happy how these came out! fabric is from ikea.


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