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Stitched Paper Dot Lantern

Imagine this lantern as raw wood, without any decoration. It sat like that in my art room for several years. I’m on a quest to use up as many of my art supplies before I go buy new ones, so hello, lantern!

Let me back up a sec. Recently we overhauled our art room. We got rid of way too many things we should have used when we first bought them. Some we items we gave to Goodwill, others were so old we had to kiss them and pitch them to the graveyard. Everything left has been sorted and stacked and I intend to use all of it! No more wasting!

Back to the lantern. I didn’t want to go the usual route and just line with paper or vellum, so I tried to come up with something different. I used a 1-inch punch and popped out a bunch of circles from my Crafty Chica Mojito paper set.

I then, very carefully, sewed them together in strips and then in grids. I used a line of Liquid Fusion around the inside edges of the lantern’s groove and set the paper in. I used a craft knife to cut away any excess paper or threads.

I’m still working on this one, I want to add paint and something ornate on the top ledges. But i’m loving how it looks so far!

As far as the technique, it would be cool to make sheets of this sewn scrap stuff and use it –

– Over sheets of scrapbook paper before you do your layout
– To line the front of greeting cards
– As wrapping paper. Wrap a square gift in colored tissue and then wrap it in this.
– This sounds really crazy, but you could hang it over a window shade you never open.

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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