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20 Things to make with tissue paper

Here are twenty things to make with tissue paper!

Looking for a craft medium that goes a long way and has lots of uses? Hello, tissue paper! Whether you want to make flowers, mixed media art, home decor items – whatever – here are clever tissue paper DIYS.

Things to make with tissue paper

Tissue paper is so versatile. It can be used as gift tissue, jewelry making, home decor, mixed media. This list covers them all!

You can buy tissue paper here.

Tissue Paper Votives

Glue layers of cut-out shapes around a glass jar, seal with decoupage medium. Full tutorial HERE.

tissue paper votives


Round Flowers

YouTube video


Faux Embossing Mixed Media 

Use tissue over textures for an embossed look!

Things to make with tissue paper - karma


Stamped Tissue Pins

Use your favorite stamps on tissue before you make the flowers! Here’s the full tutorial.

flower tissue flowers - Things to make with tissue paper


Mixed media frames 

Inspired by some that I saw at the store! VIDEO tutorial!



 Faux stained glass mannequin!

I once covered an entire mannequin with tissue!


 Jumbo tissue flowers

Buy one jumbo package and then use the full sheets to make these giant flores. So pretty and they really make a statement.



 Sugar skull piñata.

This one takes a bit of work, but is worth it!


Here are more ideas of things to make with tissue paper:

Tassel Garland, Blue Is Style Blog 

Stained Glass Butterflies, by Typically Simple

Paper Box Lanterns, by Lia Griffith

 Another version of Paper Lanterns, by Alisa Burke

 How to print on tissue paper, by The Graphics Fairy

Paper resin necklace, by Snapping Monsters

Balloon Bowls, by Meri Cherry

Flower Pinata, by Lia Griffith

Flower Wreath, by Ruffled Blog

Wall Art, by HomedIt

Marigolds, by Crafty Chica

Mini-Tissue Flowers, by Tikiddo

Paper wax candles by Crafty Chica

Tips for working with tissue paper

Due to its fragile nature, handling tissue paper requires some care. Here are some basic tips to ensure you get the best out of your tissue paper crafts:

Gentle Handling: Tissue paper is very thin and can tear easily. Always handle it gently, especially when unfolding or separating layers.

Storage: Store flat and in a dry place to prevent wrinkling and moisture damage. If you must fold it, try to keep the folds to a minimum to avoid permanent creases.

Cutting: Use sharp scissors or a craft knife for cutting. Dull blades can cause the paper to tear or result in jagged edges. Cutting on a clean, flat surface will help achieve precise cuts.

Gluing: When using glue, opt for a light application of a glue stick, double-sided tape, or spray adhesive. Too much glue can wet and wrinkle the paper. A brush can be used to spread a thin layer of glue evenly.

Layering: The translucency can be used to create depth in your crafts by layering. Be mindful of color combinations and the effect of overlapping colors.

Creasing and Folding: Use a bone folder or the back of a spoon to make crisp folds without tearing the paper. For intricate folds, consider lightly scoring the paper first to guide the fold.

Ironing: If you need to remove wrinkles, lightly iron it under a thin cloth on a low heat setting. However, do this cautiously to avoid scorching.

Dye Transfer: Be aware that the dye in colored tissue may bleed when wet. Test a small piece if you’re using it in projects that might involve moisture.

Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques like crumpling, twisting, or braiding to achieve unique textures and effects.

Recycling and Reuse: It can often be reused for other crafts. Smooth out used pieces for another project, or crumple them for textured effects.

By following these tips, you can enjoy crafting with tissue paper while minimizing the risk of damage to your delicate material. Happy crafting!

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