Rainbow Inspired Cupcakes: Round Two


Here is my second attempt at tie-dye cupcakes! I made these for Father’s Day and they were a big hit! I made a separate batch for my dad’s party, but they were gobbled down before I could snap a picture. The set pictured is from the party at my in-laws. I put pictures of the different dads in attendance.

This time I drizzled the batter colors on in a random style, instead of glopping them area by area. MUCH better effect, more rainbow-y and tie-dye-y.

I’m a messy baker!

I love the color combo of light blue and red!
I wish I could save these and use them for something!

What made my whole day is when my little nieces, Bella and Sarah (4 & 9), followed me around, nudging and whispering to each other “YOU ask her! No, YOU ask her!!”

Finally, Bella says shyly, “Auntie Kathy, can we have another cupcake?” I giggled and said YES, help yourself!! I wish I had a picture of the look on their faces as they ate them, they practically oohed and ahhed in between each bite.

The bottom picture is from the cupcakes my dad ate. He said, “Wow, even the paper looks like tie-dye!”


Love & light,

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  1. These are so brilliant!! It really makes me want to get back into the kitchen and do some baking, or work with some fabric . . . probably better not to do them both at the same time, eh? 🙂

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