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Beyond the T-shirt: 101 Things to tie-dye

Tired of tie-dyeing T-shirts? Here are 101 ideas of things to tie-dye! These aren’t so much technique-based, but more about embracing anything with natural fibers and adding color!

Before you dive in, learn HOW to tie-dye! Check out my post: Tie-dye for beginners

This list is separated into categories, and I made sure they were all made from natural fibers. This will ensure they are, perfect for absorbing dyes beautifully.

Basically – any kind of natural fiber will work: Cotton, rayon, hemp, wood, silk, jute, wool, linen.


things to tie-dye
I bough this white blouse from Dharma Trading Co. and then I used Tulip dye on it. Check them out because they have an extensive collection of dyeable clothing!


1. Cotton shirts (not just T-shirts, but any kind of cotton shirt)
2. Silk Blouses
3. Linen Dresses
4. Hemp Pants
5. Bamboo Socks
6. Cotton Underwear
7. Linen Skirts
8. Silk Camisoles
9. Wool Sweaters
10. Hemp Jackets
11. Bamboo Leggings
12. Cotton Pajamas
13. Silk Scarves
14. Wool Beanies
15. Linen Tunic Tops
16. Cotton Tank Tops
17. Bamboo Sports Bras
18. Hemp Shorts
19. Silk Ties
20. Cotton Gloves
21. Wool Shawls
22. Linen Culottes
23. Bamboo Yoga Pants
24. Cotton Baseball Caps
25. Silk Handkerchiefs


This is a cotton tote I tie-dyed and then used black paint to create the designs on top.

26. Cotton Canvas Tote Bags
27. Hemp Belts
28. Silk Headbands
29. Wool Mittens
30. Bamboo Hair Ties
31. Linen Sashes
32. Cotton Bandanas
33. Silk Pocket Squares
34. Hemp Backpacks
35. Wool Hats
36. Bamboo Scarves
37. Linen Bow Ties
38. Cotton Aprons
39. Hemp Wallets
40. Silk Sleep Masks

Home Goods

Tie-dye towels. So fun!!!

41. Cotton Bath Towels
42. Linen Tablecloths
43. Bamboo Bed Sheets
44. Hemp Curtains
45. Silk Pillowcases
46. Cotton Throw Blankets
47. Linen Napkins
48. Bamboo Bathrobes
49. Hemp Place Mats
50. Wood picture frames
51. Silk Duvet Covers
52. Linen Chair Covers
53. Bamboo Washcloths
54. Hemp Sofa Throws
55. Cotton Floor Mats


                                                 See my tutorial for tie-dyeing your shoes!

56. Cotton Canvas Sneakers
57. Hemp Slip-Ons
58. Linen Espadrilles
59. Cotton Sock Boots
60. Bamboo Flip-Flops

Art & Craft Supplies

Cut up a drop cloth and make tie-dye drapes. Here is my tutorial.

61. Cotton Canvas (for painting)
62. Hemp Cord (for macramé)
63. Silk Ribbon
64. Linen Fabric (for sewing projects)
65. Cotton Embroidery Floss

Outdoor and Leisure

things to tie-dye
Tie dyed hammock, perfect for summer!

66. Hemp Hammocks
67. Cotton Beach Towels
68. Linen Picnic Blankets
69. Bamboo Gardening Gloves
70. Cotton Yoga Mats

Baby Items

A great gift idea or idea for a baby shower project. Tutorial here.

71. Cotton Onesies
72. Bamboo Swaddle Blankets
73. Hemp Cloth Diapers
74. Cotton Bibs
75. Silk Baby Bonnets

Pet Items

things to tie-dye
See how nice a tie-dyed bandana looks on a doggie?

76. Cotton Dog Bandanas
77. Hemp Cat Collars
78. Cotton Pet Beds
79. Hemp Leashes
80. Bamboo Pet Towels

Travel Items

things to tie-dye
Indigo dye is so beautiful just by itself!

81. Cotton Luggage Tags
82. Hemp Travel Pouches
83. Silk Eye Masks (for sleeping)
84. Linen Passport Holders
85. Cotton Cosmetic Bags


things to tie-dye
I made these gift bag from old tie-dye t-shirts! Here is the tutorial.

86. Cotton Christmas Stockings
87. Linen Easter Baskets
88. Hemp Halloween Treat Bags
89. Cotton Valentine’s Day Pouches
90. Silk New Year’s Party Sashes


tie dye rainbow yarn
Tie dye white cotton yarn, this is sooo satisfying! Link to tutorial.

91. Cotton Book Covers
92. Hemp Guitar Straps
93. Silk Lamp Shades
94. Linen Wine Bags
95. Cotton Keychains
96. Hemp Notebook Covers
97. Bamboo Steering Wheel Covers
98. Cotton Camera Straps
99. Hemp Surfboard Sacks
100. Silk Fan Covers

101. Cotton yarn

Thanks for checking out my post about things to tie-dye, I hope you found some inspiration!

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