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Soda Can Star Lights

Hosting a “Let’s grill at my house for the Fourth of July!” kind of party? If so, you have one more day to put together some delicious crafty entrees. These easy party lights can be made faster than your average fireworks explosion, not to mention that you probably already have the bulk of the supplies in your pantry. It also proves that from an artistic standpoint, soda pop cans are just as awesome on the outside as they are inside.

Paper and pencil
4 red or blue (or two of each) soda cans
Tin snips or heavy-duty scissors
Hole punch, standard size
1 strand of 10 minilights
Protective gloves

Make a circle template by tracing a 2-inch circle on a piece of paper. Cut it out. Wear protective gloves and carefully cut off the top and bottom of the soda can with tin snips or scissors. Cut through the length of the body of the can to make one rectangular piece of metal. Work it with your hands or use a brayer to make the metal as flat a possible. Lay the circle template on the metal and cut around it. Repeat until you have three circles. Snip out the shape of a star from each circle. Punch a hole in the center of each star to make an opening for the bulb to fit through.
NOTE: File the edges of the stars so they are not sharp.
You may need to punch several times to make the hole large enough. Carefully press a star over a minilight. Repeat until all the lights are covered. You should have one remaining light to use as a replacement if needed.

Tips and variations: String the stars together with ribbon to make garlands or streamers. Glue the stars around the base of a flowerpot or around a large picture frame. You can also use them to decorate scrapbooks or journal covers. Instead of stars, cut out layers of flowers in various sizes and lay them on top of each other and connect with a rivet or grommet to make mult-ilayered flowers.

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