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Linocut sugar skull greeting cards


Creating a linocut is an easy technique that gets a lot of mileage – and it is easier than you think. Once you create a design you can use it on poster art, wrapping paper, and in this case, greeting cards.

sugar skull linocut

linoleum blocks (can be cork or soft eraser)
carving tool

blank greeting cards
patterned paper
glue stick

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1. Sketch your design on the linoleum. Keep in mind that you what you don’t carve will be what shows up in the print.
2. Begin to carve. The carving tool comes with different sized blades, use them to fit in tight areas.
3. Squeeze a bit of paint on a paper plate and roll the brayer in it, and then over the linocut. Press the lino cut onto a scrap piece of paper. Look for spots that need to carved deeper.
4. Repeat inking process and press onto patterned paper, cut to size and use the glue stick to apply to the front of the greeting card.
Tips and variations: Once you get more practice, try carving around the lines, not on the lines for an outline type of look.


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