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Snuggie Surgery


Arizona Republic reporter Richard Ruelas asked me to participate in a Snuggie makeover feature recently and this is what I came up with!

The criteria was to take a Snuggie and make it more fashionable – but make it still be a Snuggie.

I took two Snuggies and chopped them in quarters, sewed on appliques, added some iron-on transfers and then sewed the pieces back together. We now have two Snuggie mash-ups in the house! I didn’t think I’d ever wear one of these, but I must admit, it works great for late night crafting and writing!



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  1. Love this idea? I just bought all my girls Slankets from QVC for Christmas. Hmmmm. Maybe I will cut them all up and resew them all crazy. These ones have a pocket at the bottom to stick your feet in, I thought that was cool.


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