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Yes, You can spray painted tulle

This is one of those, “Why would you want to do that?” projects.

I’ll tell you why. I like to buy and store rolls of white tulle in my studio and then color it as needed. And I like two-tone action. Yes, even tulle deserves some crafty love!

Last weekend I whipped up a batch of green to use on a floral project for the cruise. I found a can of avocado green spray paint that I used as the base color, and then I watered down the green from my Crafty Chica® Little Chica Paint Pack™ , poured it in a spray bottle and went to town on the edges and creases.

The picture doesn’t look as exciting as the tulle does in real life. Swear on my brand new pinking shears, it would take your breath away and make you tear up because of the sheer beauty of it. Um, only if you are a crafty freak like me.

So there you have it – spray painted tulle! It also works on other items too. I was recently at iLoveToCreate‘s design studio and Pattie Wack did the same thing with white cotton lace!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Yes, You can spray painted tulle”

  1. Hi Kathy. The glitter on your book called out to me from a bookshelf today, and I love the “rabbit hole” it opened up for me. Thank you for celebrating the artist in all of us so vividly and playfully.

    I’ll be back for more!

  2. I intend to dye/paint tulle nylon skirts for dancers. My concern is – will the paint rub or flake off all over the dancer’s bare legs? Will there be paint flakes all over the stage after they are done dancing?

    I have located Dylon fabric dye but I’m guessing It’s not going to be as intense or saturated as your painted tulle. Any personal experience with this? Because it’s one thing if it’s just a decoration on a table; quite another if someone is wearing the tulle. Thanks for any input!


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