Stamped and Colored Gift Box

Last week, we celebrated my Nana’s 92nd birthday! I bought her a Blessed Mother statue for her nightstand collection of religious figures, and after looking at the blank white box it came in, I decided to forgo the wrapping paper!

I used these chunky graphic rubber stamps that Mary from sent me earlier this year. She knew exactly the kind I would like! From this Carved Rose to the shiny, happy Solid Sol Picado and several others. Visit to see all of Mary’s wonderful stamps!

The coolest part is that I used my

Crafty Chica® Tango Permanent Fabric Markers™ on the stamps, for printing AND coloring.
Check out how it turned out! Granted, I thought of the idea 40-minutes before we had to leave to the party, so it is kind of a rush job, but with proper planing and detailing, this could be a stylish way to rev up a plain cardboard gift box. And the Earth Day around the corner, it is good because no extra paper is involved.

Happy Birthday, Nana!

Love & light,

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  1. Hey there you crafty one! I love that you used the stamps I sent and love your idea. Now I have to get some markers and try them too! There are just never enough craft supplies.

  2. Wonderful design art ion this box VCathy. Great job and I’ll just bet your Nana loved it. Happy Birthday to her from me too!

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