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I made this slip a few months ago, but it was embargoed until the craft convention. Now I can share it!

First, I have to say that I’m officially addicted to doodle graffiti. I know I’m late to the party, but at least I arrived. This is the original sketch that I turned in. Honestly, I get so nervous sketching because my projects never turn out like my colored pencil versions. Maybe I’m getting to be a better designer, because lately, they have!


After my sketch was approved, I bought a vintage silk slip at Goodwill for $5. I could have gone to a fancy lingerie store, but I love the idea of reconstructing something from the past. And I was pleasantly surprised to discover a sizable amount of silk slips to choose from!

First I practiced my designs on paper and then I drew them on the garment. I used my Crafty Chica® Tango Permanent Fabric Markers™ and outlined in black and then filled in with color.

After that, I filled in with dashes, circles, swirls, whatever I wanted until every space was filled with a colorful, cohesive pattern.


I love how it turned out, and it was a big hit at CHA! I’ve had dreams about designing fabric like this. Maybe I’ll have to whip something up over at Spoonflower before art season arrives!


After I completed all the coloring, I added top stitching, sequin trim, and micro-crystals around the bust area.

Now, I know this is a tiny slip for a tiny figure, but I plan to use the same concept on a silk tunic, silk scarves, even stockings!



Love & light,

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