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Shrink Plastic Portrait Ornaments

I’ve been on the shrink plastic bandwagon for a solid three months now, it’s addicting! I decided to make all our family members in the melty stuff, starting with the kids. Didn’t they come out cute? They remind me of something cut out of a comic book.

Here’s how I did it:

Supplies: Shrink plastic (I use frosted), pencil, permanent fine and medium point marker, colored pencils, embossing gun (or oven), hole puncher, ribbon, and of course a photo! NOTE: I like to paint the backs of my shrink plastic art with my Crafty Chica white paint, it makes the colors pop even more, and then I add some Crafty Chica Glossy Gloss Varnish to seal in the paint.

1. You need pictures that are about 5×7 because they’ll shrink about 1/3rd in size. With thefrosted side up, slip the photo under the sheet of shrink plastic. Trace the outlines with the pencil.

2. If you like what you see, go over the line with the thicker marker.

3. Fill in with colored pencils. Cut out the around the shape and punch a hole at the top.

4. SHRINK away! I use an embossing gun. I set the design frosted side UP and use a chopstick to hold it down and then I run the heat over it evenly. It will begin to curl really fast, whatever you do, don’t let the shiny side of the plastic touch, because it will stick. This is why I don’t like to heat mine in the conventional oven, they always stick and I can’t control it! After it shrinks, I set a flat heavy book on top to flatten out any curves. Add the Crafty Chica white paint, let it dry and thenadd a layer of Crafty Chica Glossy Gloss Varnish.

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