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Craft book round up – here are some must haves!

Feeling like you need a shove into the art room? These four books will do the trick. They came across my desk and were so flashy, I gasped for air in delight! Read on, my friends!

Pulp Fiction (Design Originals, $16.99, paperback) The first one is by one of my all-time crafting heroes, Mark Montano. He knows how to work the scissors in ways we’ve never heard or thought of. This book is all about using and reusing your paper. From bracelets to books to bed tables, Mark shares some of his most clever ideas yet. One of my favorite projects are the blank journals that he covered with – stamped book pages! If you love color and pop culture, you’ll totally dig this one.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching three-hour Bollywood movies. Imagine my excitement when my son confessed to me that he loves them too! Now we have Friday night mom and son movie nights! How does this relate to books? Well, every time I watch the movies, I drool at the decor and think about making it. Thankfully there is Bollywood Crafts: 20 Projects Inspired by Popular Indian Cinema (Guild of Master Craftsman, $14.95).This book is amazing. Author Momtaz Begum-Hossain knows her Bollywood flicks. Each project comes with a movie, the synopsis and a collection of projects to make – right down to the very last sequin. It’s beautiful, shiny, happy, and educational. Whatever you do – make sure to visit her site! http://www.momtazbh.co.uk/

OK, this next book is for the teen rock star in your family. My daughter is 17 and plays the piano, guitar and viola. She makes her own music videos and writes her own lyrics. I imagine she’ll start a band someday. My friend Megan over at Workman Publishing noticed and sent The Girls’ Guide to Rocking: How to Start a Band, Book Gigs, and Get Rolling to Rock Stardom (by Jessica Hopper, $13.95, paperback). Joan Jett approved, it comes with dozens and dozens of how-to – from picking the right instrument to recording to making stage couture – and everything in between. In the center of the book is a pull-out of a women in rock music timeline to keep your dive-in-training motivated. Jessica’s web site.

Have you ever considered making stamps out of rubber bands, cords, buttons and even the toe spacer foam you use in a pedicure? In Print and Stamp Lab: 52 Ideas for Handmade, Upcycled Print Tools (by Traci Bunkers, Quarry Publishing, $22.99, paperback) – you’ll find just that and more. If you are into mixed media collage art, you’ll appreciate the wealth of ideas that Traci shares. We’ve all used a brayer, but have you ever considered carving a design in it? I know that as soon as I’m done writing this, that’s what I plan to go do in my studio! Here is another gem – you know the foam alphabet stamps? Traci shows how to cover those with textured rubber, so you don’t only get a letter stamp, but you get one with mucho personality. Traci’s web site.

Kathy 🙂


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  1. Kathy, I’ve been a fan of yours for quite a while…even took out your shrine book yesterday from my personal library to get some inspiration!! Glad I came by an took a peak.


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