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Ten graduation party ideas

Because it is never too early for graduation party ideas – let’s get started!
No matter what grade level, these decorations, centerpieces, and treats can be easily adapted to whatever theme you choose.

Ten graduation party ideas

Add the grad's quote to centerpieces for a fun family-mingling experience!
Add the grad’s quote to centerpieces for a fun family-mingling experience!


Social Media Post Centerpieces

These are photo centerpieces I made for DeAngelo’s graduation in 2008. Use wood centerpieces or blocks and use pictures and social media posts your grad made throughout their school journey. It’s fun to see how they evolved. Plus, it makes all your guests mingle about in order to read all the centerpieces.

Grad Cap Candy toppers


Use Reese’s Cups and Ghirardelli squares to create graduation caps. Use candy melts to attach.  

Sweet treats

Courtney at Pizzazzerie.com is offering seven ideas for parties and sweets to whip up. I’m digging the graduation cap pops on a stick!

Photos courtesy of Pizzazzeri.com


Die-cut lanterns!

You can have some personalized centerpieces made, or use it as inspiration to make your own version!

Photo booth props, specifically for graduation!

My favorite is the one that looks like cate-eye specs! Sp cute and smart! to really level up, paint a quote on a board and add a cute couch or set of chairs. That way it will give space for more people to get in the colorful shot.

graduation party ideas
Idea by HairsOutOfPlace.com


 Life Lessons Journal

Take a hardback blank book and decorate it. Then pass it around the party so guests can leave advice for the graduate! This will be something your graduate can look at for years to come.



Graduate Quote cards!

go through your grad’s social media feed and pull out the funniest or sweetest – or smartest quotes. Then using a picture, add the quote and print out these cards to give out.

YouTube video


Grad Cap Box of Change.

Be the change you want to see in the world? Um, yes! What a simple and clever idea! You can have party guests leave “change” in the box.

How about a grad jar that you can fill up with treats!

This is so cute!

MY FAVE! Customize your cap!

My husband painted this for a dear friend’s daughter. Her dad passed away and she wanted to honor him as she walked across the stage to collect her diploma. I think it is a beautiful way to show love and respect to our parents and grandparents who made sacrifices to help us achieve our educational goals. She graduated in December!

Painted grade cap, Crafty Chica.

Graduation nails!

We do this every other time of the year, why not now? Use your school colors, mascot, etc.

Trivia sheets

Create a “trivia” sheet that has a word search, fun facts about the grad, and special dates. Print them on postcards and set them around the party. Ideas: Favorite movie, music, first date, etc.

Coloring Pages

family coloring pages

Trace a photo with a Sharpie and then print copies. Set out the coloring sheets for people to decorate at the party.

Other graduation party ideas:

– Memory Jar: Invite guests to write their favorite memory with the graduate on a piece of paper and place it in a decorated jar for the graduate to enjoy reading later.

– Graduation Cap Decorating Station: Provide supplies like glitter, markers, and stickers for guests to personalize caps during the party.

– World Map Guestbook: Use a large world map where guests can pin a location with a note, offering travel advice or well-wishes for the graduate’s future adventures.

– Career Guessing Game: Create a fun game where guests guess the graduate’s future career or where they see themselves in ten years, with the graduate revealing the answers.

– Time Capsule: Encourage guests to bring something representative of the current year or their relationship with the graduate to put into a time capsule for future opening.

– Future Advice Cards: Set up a station for guests to write down advice for the graduate’s next chapter, whether serious, humorous, or a mix of both.

– Outdoor Movie Night: Arrange a projector to show the graduate’s favorite movie or a classic graduation-themed film outdoors, complete with cozy blankets and popcorn.

– Graduation Playlist: Compile a playlist of songs from the year the graduate started their journey to the present and play it during the party.

– Alumni Guest Speakers: Invite alumni to share experiences and advice for navigating life after graduation in a casual, engaging format.

– Food Stations: Opt for food stations that represent different periods of the graduate’s life or their favorite cuisines, offering a variety of choices.

– Scholarship Fundraiser: If the graduate is continuing their education, organize a part of the party as a fundraiser to help with their tuition or expenses.

Thanks for checking out my post about graduation party ideas, I hope this helps!

DIY Cupcake bath bombs

New Crafty Chica handmade + Amor Collective!


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