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Fulanitas: A new fabric collage purse!

Tulip® Beads in a Bottle™ Studs and Crystals
Tulip Soft® Fabric Paint
Tulip® Fashion Glitter™ Shimmer Fabric Paint
Tulip® Sticky Fabric Stencils
Aleene’s® Tacky Packs™

I executed two ideas at one time. I needed a new craft satchel and decided to make one for my show project. I had this image from an old t-shirt and thought it would work great as a focal point. By the way, fulanita translates into something like “Little Missy.”

I started with a four-pack of cloth napkins and used them to make the lining and outer casing of my bag. I used the Tulip Alphabet Sticky Stencil and Tulip Fabric Spray to add the letters. I then used a long piece of duct cloth, tri-folded it and stiched it up the center to make the sturdy strap.

The part that takes the longest is constructing the front flap for the bag. I made appliques on scrap fabric and then sewed them all together and added embellishments, a back lining, sewed it to the bag and added trim. Did I mention the inside pockets? Overall, my bags I make like this have about 60 different components! I used Beads in a Bottle stones and paint to add some sparkle, and then I used the Tacky Glue to add the fringe. I used clothesepins to hold it in place until it was dry.

Here is the stencil on silk with Beads in a bottle on top, plus the stones. I love that they have a Bollywood feel to them! OK< I’m now sure if I’m going to keep my bag or sell it. I’ve had a couple offers already! Regardless, I loved making it! It’s such an empowering feeling to construct something from beginning to end!


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  1. ooo i likey! i have started to play with appliqué and sewing in general.. i love it.. even if my stitches are super crooked and my thread going flying off my machine at random times! haha


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