Reading Glasses and Watermarking Images

A few years back I noticed my vision had become fuzzy. I scored a cool pair of purple readers and went on to buy a pair for every room in the house. I started with 1.50 strength and then thought – like everything else I do (glitter, varnish, Oreos) – MORE IS BETTER!

The next pair I purchased were 2.0, and just last month I adopted a 2.25 for ‘serious’ reading. I started getting headaches. Today I went to the eye doctor to find that I overcorrected my vision by using too strong of readers. All I needed was 1.25. Doh!

Now I’ve caused irreversible damage and aged my vision by TEN years. Stupida! My eye doctor said it is not as bad as it seems. I still don’t need prescription glasses, but I do need to only stick with the lower dosage of readers.

I’m telling you this in case you are using store-bought specs at random like I did. Go see your eye doctor to make sure you have the correct strength, ok?

Unlicensed belts made with Patrick’s copyrighted artwork. They took the art from his web site.

Next up – I learned how to watermark images in Photoshop Elements. It was much easier than I thought, I wish I had researched this sooner. Recently, Patrick had his artwork swiped and put on manufactured belts. It forced me to put a hurdle on each image to prevent that in the future. Here’s the video I used, watch it and learn how to watermark your pictures too!


I hope these tips help make your life easier!
Kathy 🙂


Love & light,

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