HOW TO: Bleach Gel Doodles on Fabric!

Looking for a cool way to add some mixed media pop to your fabrics? How about a little bleach gel?
I dye a lot of my fabrics with Tulip One-Step-Tie-Dye and I saved one of the bottles, rinsed it and then filled it with bleach gel.

In the past, I’ve shown how to put bleach in a spray bottle and use it over stencils and such, but this is a different technique.

Bleach gel is thick and draws nicely on a flat surface. Make sure your fabric is dry and draw big because the bleach spreads a bit. If you want finer lines, simply use a bottle that has a finer tip.

For this batch, I tie-dyed the 100% cotton jersey fabric, and ran it through the dryer.
Then I drew my designs.

See the grey of the shirt coming through?

Here is a finished sample of bleach gel on a blue dyed shirt. You can also do this process opposite – apply the bleach gel, wash, dry and then dye with color. They both will yield different effects!

1. If you want to fully deactivate the bleach, you can use a product called “Bleach Stop,” however, I never use it and my shirts have held up fantastic! If you are using light fabric, you may want to use it though.

2. Make sure your shirts are at least 60% cotton. If they are rayon or polyester, the bleach and dye won’t work well.

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  1. Where do I get bleach gel? Or is it something you have to make? I have not seen it before.

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