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Frida Kahlo DIYs – cc

Frida Kahlo’s birthday is today!, but those of us who love her show our inspired-creativity all year round. If you are looking for some projects to make with a bit of Frida style and spirit, I’ve gathered up some of my favorites from years past.

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If you live in the Phoenix area, check out The Phoenix Fridas’ annual birthday celebration!

 Frida Flower Crown: A must-have for all Frida fans. Take a wide plastic headband and wrap it in yarn. Hot glue the end. Now hot glue silk flowers and leaves from one end to the other. Add a touch of spray glitter if you want it to sparkle!
Frida Applique:    Buy a package of fabric sheets, print images of Frida on them from your InkJet printer and use fabric glue (or you can buy iron-on kind) to affix to a tote, a shirt or purse – anything of your liking! Use 3D paint to seal down the edges of your appliqué.
Frida Pop Art Earrings: Buy a pack of Shrinky Dinks from the craft store. Trace an image of Frida on two 3×5” pieces, punch a hole at the top. Color Frida in with permanent markers and place in oven according to the package directions. Add earring hooks.

Frida Light Fixture: What to do with all those plastic Mexican totes? Turn them into something functional. I cut the front panel, stretched it over a wood frame and stapled. Add battery-operated lights behind and use craft paint and glitter to accent Frida’s details.


Frida Furniture: This is a sequin applique I bought in Mexico that I then affixed to the back of my chairs. Add some silk flowers and more sequins and you have a Mexi-style look to your kitchen!

Frida Bottlecap Bracelets: Cut some imagesof Frida, insert in a bottlecap, fill with glaze and glue on a bracelet base.

Frida Unibrow-on-a-Stick: This is a great party favor idea. Cut a template and then use it to cut out more brows from a large sheet of stiff black felt. Hot glue to the back of a dowel and place in a jar for the taking.

Frida Embroidered Pillow Case: Frida was big on embroidering her pillowcases. They wre gorgeou sand colorful. Why not take to a pillowcase yourself? simply draw your doesng with a pen or pencil and then stitch away!

Frida Mixed Media Keychain: Apply an image to a dogtag and then add beaded dangles on either side.

Frida Toss Pillow: Cut up an old shirt and turn it into an artful pillow!

Frida Resin Pendant: Use a deep dish pendant and add layers of embellishments and an image of Frida printed on glossy photo paper.

Here is a video on getting Frida’s look!


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