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Hot Glue Eye Masks

Glue is meant for more than just gluing things together – you can also make trippy looking accessories, such as these eye masks! The ideas are endless of what you can do with them!

Clear hot glue mat
Hot glue gun
Glittered glue sticks

1. Draw your pattern on a piece of paper with black marker.
2. Slide it under the clear mat.
3. Heat up your glue gun with the glitered glue sticks.
4. Trace the design on the mask with the hot glue
5. Doodle inside the mask area, making sure all the lines hit eachother to create joints.
6. Leave an opening on each top so you can thread the ribbon through later.
7. Add gems, crystals or any other objects you want to make your mask special.
8. Let cool.
9. Add ribbons and tie on!

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