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Earlier this week I came across a project from one of my all-time favorite blogs, by Kristen Turner. She made this gorgeous necklace (pictured below) from an English coin (click to read her post!).


DIY Coin ‘N Rhinestone Pendant Necklace by Kristen Turner at

Her project looked so easy and chic that I decided to make some of my own jewelry using Mexican (and one Brazilian) coins. To give it my own spin, I used wood bases as a background.

To make thus project you’ll need coins, small wood pieces, markers (I used Tulip Fabric Markers), ring bases, crystal trim or Tulip Glam It Up Crystals, and a super strong glue, like Liquid Fusion.



Color the wood pieces with the marker, you can also use paint if you want.
Glue the coin in the center. Add a medium line of Liquid fusion around the rim of the wood. If using loose crystals, pick them up and place them one-by-one on the wet glue and set aside to dry. Once they’re dry, turn them over and glue the ring base to the back. You can also glue a bail on the back to make them a pendant instead (or drill a hole like Kristen did!).
  For this ring, I used crystals on a strand. I like the black border around the sparkle, it gives a lot of body to the design!


 My finished rings!


 Here is how the ring looks on my hand. Yup, I like big jewelry. You can use smaller coins for a smaller look. If that’s the case, I’d go with smaller crystals as well!
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