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DIY Stiletto Ring Holder

Instead of buying one of these, make your own using a stiletto, foam and paint!

Every year, Patrick and I get asked to decorate a stiletto for a Phoenix Fundraiser event, “Inspired Soles.” Here is my entry! 

I started with a black patent leather stiletto and wanted to use iconic Latina actresses for detail. I chose to apply them using the Craft Attitude samples I received from my friend, Jonathan Fong. The sheets are like decals that you can print on using your InkJet printer.

The decals didn’t work on black so I spray painted the shoe red, orange and yellow. Firey!


I used the new Max Tacky Adhesive glue stick to rub onto the show and then I cut out my images and placed them face down on the glue. I did this all the way around the shoe. Next, use a craft knife to cut off the edges around the seams. Add a nice coat of Aleene’s Spray-On Glitter Sealer. Next, use small roller covered in felt to insert inside the mouth of the shoe to hold your rings. I also embellished my shoe with crystals, glitter and SPIKES!!

Make your own stiletto ring holder!

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  1. I must say, this is definitely the HOTTEST I’ve ever seen. I must also say I WILL be doing this. Thanks for the post.


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