Woodburned Ukulele Birdhouse

Here’s how to make a ukulele birdhouse. I recently bought an unfinished toy ukulele (it doesn’t play well at all, and is toy-sized) and was going to turn it into an earring holder, but decided to dress up my garden instead. Instead of painting or decoupaging, I went with wood burning!


– 1 unfinished toy ukulele

– Woodburner

– Sandpaper

– Juicy Markers

– Pencil and eraser


Cut off the strings. Sketch your design with a pencil.


Ready to burn!


Heat up your tool – make sure to read the manufacturer directions! It will smoke a bit, so use a paper mask if it bothers you.


If your tool get gunked up, swipe it on the sandpaper.


After you’re done woodburning, erase all the visible pencil lines.


Nice and clear, ready for color. It’s up to you if you want to leave it like this or add color.


I wanted a stain-type of look, so I used Tulip Fabric Markers.


Seal your birdhouse with a coat of Collage Pauge® Instant Decoupage.


woodburned-ukulele ukulele-birdhouse-diy

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  1. You are amazing! Once again your Crafty Chica brain has come up with another darling project. Thank you so much for all your Crafty-ness!

  2. Love it! my Papi’s nickname was El Pajaro and his friends called me la Pajarita! lol…thanks for the tut and the inspiration! you rock!

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