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National Dog Day: 10 DIYs for your pooch


(NOTE: This post is dedicated to our beloved Lola and ChaCha who are now residing in Puppy Heaven.)

Those of your who know me, know that our house is filled with pooches galore. Truth is, I used to be scared of dogs all through my childhood and even into my adult years. It started when I was in grade school, one day I was chased by a biter dog. Then, not too long after, I was bit in the face by a Bassett Hound (I tried to take food out his mouth while he was eating). After those incidents, every time I spotted a canine, I screamed and ran – which only made them run after me. So I have a long list of traumatic screaming and chasing incidents. I couldn’t even spend the night at friends’ houses if they had a dog, and once as I tried to escape the wrath of two adorable wiener dogs, I saw our neighbors stand by and laugh. Ay, the memories!

After Patrick and I were married and had kids, one day my sister brought over a beagle pup she bought. Lola.



Lola changed my life! She was a loving, charismatic doggie, who wanted nothing but to give love – and eat every lick of food she could find. I wanted my own Lola. So when a friend told us about Chihuahua puppies that had just been born under a trailer in Yuma, I was all – “SAVE ME ONE!” And that’s how little Ozzy came into our lives. We also ended up taking in Ozzy’s sister, Bianca. Then Bianca got pregnant from my sister-in-law’s Maltese and had ChaCha. I found Bootsie at a roadside seller, and he and Bianca had Captain Kirk.

What I love about dogs is the unconditional love they offer. On days when it feels like the whole world is against you, all it takes is a doggy to pin you down with his paws and lick your entire face to make you feel better. Any time I’ve had a cry,  my dogs jump up and immediately try to heal me. They are the ultimate trusty companions! So, yah, I’m a dog person.

To celebrate National Dog Day today, here is a round up of some fun DIY projects to make for your dog (or cat too!)

1. Hand painted ceramic pet dish.


Visit your local paint-on-pottery store and whip up a one-of-a-kind bowl for your dog. Use a thinner tip of paint to write his or her name. You know how much your dog loves to eat, why not make them a bowl that was made with love too?


2. Doggie Bandana!



My friend, Lauri Eaton, decorated this cute little bandana that is super easy to make. Here are the directions.


3. Tricked out bed.

puppy bed


Check out these two, all chillin’ in their stylin’ bed. You can buy a bed at the pet store and use Puffy Paint to decorate it. This one, Maya made when she was in high school. It makes for a fun kids project too! Here are the directions.


4. Custom Doggie-T-shirt.



You can find blank cotton dog shirts at the craft store or even pet stores. Use iron-on letters to customize it! Directions.


5. Crocheted Paw Protectors.



Here in sunny Phoenix, the pavement is HOT. I hate to see people walk their dogs and the poor doggies are hopping around, trying to step on shadows because their paws are likely burning. So I made these in soft cotton yarn to prevent burning. They really did come in handy. And orange was Lola’s favorite color, too! Here are the directions.


6. Glittered Milk Bone Frame.


This is from my friend, Jennifer Perkins. She made this adorable frame, just my style! Here are the directions!


7. Treat Jar.




We have cookie jars, right? Why not a glorious treat jar for Fido? Here are the directions.


8. Crystal Dog Collar.


Maya shows an easy way to double bling your pet’s collar! Here are the directions.


9. Suitcase Pet Bed!



OMG! Sooo cute! Here is how to take a suitcase and transform it into this luxurious platform of comfort!


10. T-Shirt Dog Leash.


I thought this was a brilliant idea from TwoLittleCavaliers.com  – a great way to upcycle old t-shirts! Turn them into dog leashes!

Do you have a dog? What kind of craft would you make?





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  1. Dear Kathy. You are so great.Love your personalaty and wish to met you. Love all your tutorials. Love and prayer for U and Your family. Marcia also know as mama mama to my 7 grand children’s. xoxoxo

  2. Please have your pets spayed or neutered. Too many die in shelters for owners not to protect against unexpected pups or kittens.


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