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DIY Tie dye Infinity Scarf


It’s time to make a DIY tie dye Infinity Scarf! After cleaning out my kids’ closets, I came across their summer tees. I almost got rid of them but then decided to snip them into colorful infinity scarves! I’ve seen this idea before, but I gave it my own twist by cutting notches to add fringe. The jersey fabric is cozy, and has a lot of body once it is cut and curled. I love how these came out! I plan to give them to my nieces, cousins and friends. Aside from being bulky and oh-so-warm, they are super cute!

LEVEL IT UP: Add tie dye to the mix! Take those boring shirts and add dye and then cut them into scarves

This tie dye infinity scarf is perfect for any kind of weather. Even here in Arizona because the air conditioning is always blasting somewhere. This scarf is made from a cotton T-shirt so it’s lightweight and breathable. 

What you’ll need


Helpful Tip:Larger T-shirts will produce a bigger scarf. I found that the size of shirt you wear works well for the size of the scarf. Don’t cut the fringe too close together because the fabric might rip when you stretch the shirt.

Variations:Cut up two or three T-shirts of different colors and mix and match the layers. If you don’t want the fringe, then just stretch each piece without cutting the notches on each side. You can wear your scarf long, or double it as shown in the picture.

How to make a tie dye infinity scarf:

Dye the shirt:

Mix the dye according to the package directions. Line your worktable with a plastic covering and put on plastic gloves.

Wash the shirt and while it’s still wet, scrunch it up on the table, Apply the dye as desired. Cover the shirt with plastic and let it set for six hours. Wash out with cold water until the water runs clear, then wash in the machine by itself. Dry and then proceed to these next steps:

Make the cuts for your tie dye infinity scarf:

  1. Fold your shirt in half, lengthwise. Use chalk to mark off lines every 5-6 inches. Cut along the lines. Your final cut will be along the bottom of the arms all the way across. Do not cut the side seams!
  2. Cut the pieces down the middle, lengthwise. And then again so you have several sections.
  3. Take one pice and fold it in half lengthwise. Snip along the long side to make the fringe. Make sure not to cut the sides!
  4. This is how each piece should look after the fringe has been cut. Connected on each end, like a loop, but fringed along the bottom and top.
  5. Pick up one of the pieces and holding an end in each hand, stretch it. This will make the the jersey fabric curl and ruffle.
  6. As you can see, I worked on two scarves at the same time. Here are both of my scarves, ready to be connected!
  7. Set down each piece on top of each other to make a stack.
  8. Cut an extra stand of the tee and use it to tie the pieces together at the top.
  9. I like how the yellow scarf came out nice and bright, but my favorite is the purple. It was made from a tie-dye shirt and it has three different colors, which gives it a lot of dimension.

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