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Golden Milagro Necklace



Do you ever buy jewelry that you feel like you could beef up? That was me last fall. I bought a necklace at Target, but it needed a little “chica-izing.” I loved the long chain strands, but loving the glitz, I wanted mas. I set it aside and then last month I came across some beautiful gold milagros online. As soon as I saw them, I knew they would go perfect with my necklace!


Here is what the necklace looked like. It’s super cute, but I wanted to add some Mexi-boho flair.


I found some gold jump rings and round nose pliers.


I then set out the milagros to go one on every other strand. I used the jump rings to add them, one-by-one. Make sure to open each jump ring forwards or backwards and then close it the same way so the ends are flush.


When you wear the necklace, all the chained strands hang like this.


And here it is all spread out! I hope this inspires you to look at manufactured retail jewelry in a new way. You can take it apart or add to it. I call it “halfway handmade.” You can even paint it or add images, etc.

Jump ring bezels – and more!

Glitter and Gold Cascarones


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