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Why I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


I’d been watching the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges for a good week when I was nominated by Maya. I seriously didn’t think I would go for it, I’d already decided to donate $100 to the cause and skip the gimmick. Really, why waste time with a stupid bucket of ice water when I could just donate? Easy, done, over with.

But then I saw this video by Anthony Carbajal:

YouTube video


It had me in tears. I then researched how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started, and I knew it was time to break out the towels. Yes, it’s a gimmick. But that’s exactly what it took to get people to pay attention and donate to this horrible illness. It’s working. More than $15m has been raised for ALS, nine times more than usual. Although I do think that with all those multi-millionaire celebs accepting the challenge, that number should be much higher! Right? Just saying…

I love that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge does more than raise money and awareness to the cause. It also unites people from all over the world. And brings family and friends together for the sake of social good. And provides mucho entertainment. And, I guess I have to admit, I really do click and watch all the videos in my Facebook feed. I’ve noticed they’ve declined a lot this week, showing that the ride maybe over. I truly hope that people continue to support ALS (and other disease fundraisers too) long after this fad has passed. Thanks to bags of ice, buckets and water, for at least a couple weeks thousands rallied together!

NOTE: If you have a weak heart, do not do this challenge. It certainly shocks your body. I felt as if I was flying down on a roller coaster. Get creative instead, use a Dixie cup of crushed ice, perhaps?

And lots of love for anyone who skipped the ice ordeal, I know and respect your views too! But for me, when the moment arrived, I decided to just go for it. And donate my original $100 too!

For more information, visit http://www.asla.org

YouTube video


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  1. brava to you for doing it–I have seen some funny ones and some sad ones-I am not doing it due to RA but had already donated–my ex husband just died from ALS in May


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